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TMG Solutions new licensing system

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Once we’ve finished the testing phase of our new licensing server embedded into our Apps. We’ll begin with TMG Plate Reader; our next version going live on September 15th will include it.

User Demo account to test the product will be available yet but remember it has no effect on back-end system since you need a valid registered user in order to download your read plates.

Every first time an App is downloaded the App will ask the user for a company token (in case you’ve bought to us previously a commercial license.

TMG Apps License Request Screen



If you introduce TOKEN00000000001 you’ll enjoy a two weeks period to test the software freely after which the product license will expire and the App will show to you the following message:

TMG Apps License licence expired
Demo license expired

Once the license expires only commercial licenses will be available but we may offer to you a grace period if you talk with us and explain carefully your company or client needs.

Among our values as a company you’ll find our will to serve you as our customer as best as we can so please if you find any bug in our products or new feature you think could be useful don’t hesitate and write us at