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Bespoke Development

Besides our Android solutions we provide bespoke development workforce for the three main development platforms.

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Waterfall approach for Mobile development is a huge mistake. This new paradigm needs to be as fast as possible to adopt changing requirements.

The Agile approach is the right way to deal with a rapidly changing environment where we have several players are pushing


  1. App marketplaces offers users access to hundreds of thousands of Apps 
  2. The dropout rate is very high. Your competition is just a click away.
  3. Usability is a must: an attractive and easy to use UI.
  4. The user-centric model requires listening and reacting to the user demands.


  1. The speed of technological change introduces many bugs based platforms requiring high reaction rates.
  2. Android "device fragmentation". A lot of devices may need to be supported in a process as much agile as possible.
  3. Android 5.x has lasted little more than a year. This force us to re-test and deploy the necessary changes to do the App maintenance as quickly as possible.

Stakeholders and Competition:

  1. Stakeholders of the project may change their minds in the requirements (prioritization, elimination or changes)
  2. Competition also makes their movements and these require react quickly.


As a result we've decided to use a framework like Scrum to speed Mobile Development.

Before starting agile development cycles (sprint) there is a preparation phase where you cannot forget the following tasks in order to define the scope of the project:


  • Budget and contract

  • Initial Product Backlog

  • Initial Release Plan

  • Stakeholders involvement

  • Deploy Project Team


Review of user stories assigned to each sprint


Technical and UX design for user stories assigned to the sprint


Development and integration of user stories

Test & Deploy

Testing and deploy of planned software release for the sprint

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