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Internet of Things

Our vision about Internet of Things (IoT) is to provide a service that helps companies to improve a wide number of industrial and domestic processes by interconnecting devices and sensors. This may help companies to reach Industry 4.0 model.

An IoT project needs a collaborative design among all stakeholders. Use cases need to be priorized offering a clear value added proposition.
This stage closes the gap between requirements and implementation. There is a complete design of architecture taking into consideration the needed infrastructure considerations.
Build and deploy of solution with a Lean Startup philosophy, adding value as soon as possible.
Final presentation of the solution. Define next steps and transfer the project to the maintenance staff.

Ciclo de vida IoT


Collaborative definition of the solution


Complete design of the solution


Using lean startup adding value ASAP.


Final presentation and next steps

  • Requirements definition

  • Use case priorization

  • IoT Canvas definition

  • Final document including requirements and scope

  • User-centric approach

  • Architecture definition

  • Infrastructure considerations

  • Detailed design document

  • Rapid prototyping with Lean Startup

  • Prototype validation

  • Build and test unit

  • Solution deploy

  • Final presentation of the solution

  • Future releases planning

  • Knowledge transfer to Maitenance Staff

  • Formal closure of the project

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