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Management Consulting

We offer consulting services in critical areas for your company: We can help you by doing process improvement, IT Consulting, Mobile Consulting and Internet of Things.

Honesty is one of our main values as a company. We don't trust in miracle solutions so if we don't see the feasibility of an engagement we won't accept the challenge. 


Consultants rarely have executive authority to give instructions. Some people may be a support to our customer and try to clearly define their responsibilities. The usual role is to provide or facilitate actions and management decisions.
Independence is crucial and provides credibility to the recommendations issued.
The advice provided is achieved through knowledge and Consultant experience in their specialty.
Consulting projects are focused on opportunities for improvement or produced an impact on the business. Customers pay us to provide solutions to complex problems and experan an added value for us.



Information gathering to provide a solution


Definition of which is the AS-IS opportunity


Action plan definition to provide a solution


Final presentation, get feedback and formal closure

  • Schedule interviews

  • requirement definition

  • Q&A to clarify doubts

  • Final document including requirements and scope

  • Process analysis

  • System map

  • Final document defining AS-IS processes

  • Process design (BPM, ...)

  • IT Solution design

  • Final document with deployment plan

  • Final presentation of the whole solution

  • Define Next steps

  • Formal closure of the project

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